Marlen Arms is a Firearms and Accessories dealer in Polokwane. Our main priority is to make your purchase an amazing one with you leaving as a satisfied customer with the right product. We specialize in all things gun related. To name a few we offer the following services:

  • smith-and-wesson-938834_1280Purchasing of secondhand firearms
  • Sale of new and second hand firearms
  • Sale of firearm accessories
  • Sale of hunting gear and accessories
  • Sale of knives
  • Firearm Training Courses which cover:
    1. Unit Standard 117705, Legal aspects of the Firearm control act no 60 of 2000
    2. Theory on handgun, rifle and/or shotgun
    3. Practical shooting test

For more information on these services, or to make an appointment contact us. Should you want to purchase a firearm see our products page. Please read our terms, conditions and requirements section on the products page before making any purchase online.

Our Brands: