About Marlen Arms and Ammo

double-87143_1920Marlen Arms and Ammo was founded in 1984 as Marlen Industries by Martin and Elsie Venter. Marlen Industries specialized in the production of borehole casings and later included civil engineering services and other steel work. An underground shooting range was constructed in 1995 and approved by the SAPS (NRCS) in 2005. After that Marlen Industries started providing firearm related training under the name Marlen Training Academy.

The Academy provided firearm related training such as the Unit Standard 117705, Legal aspects of the Firearm control Act no 60 of 2000, theory on handgun, rifle and/or shotgun as well as a practical shooting test.

Since 2014 Marlen Arms and Ammo has been a trusted and accredited supplier of firearms, firearms accessories as well as ammunition in Polokwane. Customer satisfaction is a top priority. Our mission is to provide competent advice and always understand the customer and his or her needs.

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